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We help solve your business problems. We sit on the same side of the table as YOU to provide business solutions to business problems. We don’t try to sell you the latest techno instead we listen to your business problem and offer several strategies to resolve the ROOT of the problem and achieve your objective.

Pinasatel Limited – Experts with Technological & Application Support More than 10 specialists with a university degree in engineering, science and technology are at your service. Their primary role is to give you value for your investiment on any equipment purchase from us, to co-operate with you in order to find the best solutions for your applications, to implement the equipment in your laboratory, and to service the equipment in the long term.

Our organization is structured to support different market segments with specialized teams for :
  • Chemicals and laboratory Consumables for various Testing and Analysis
  • Service & Repair of Laboratory Equipment
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Materials Testing
  • Warehouse & Cold Stores & Equipment - Temperature Mapping
  • Equipment Calibration and Servicing
  • Equipment for Industrial Use: Metal Detector, X - Ray Machine, Flow Meter
Fast Response To Requests & Critical Response Time Guaranteed. Some companies think if your problem doesn’t seem that bad they can wait a few days to call you back. We get back to you fast so you know when your problem will be resolved. We believe the best is what is good for our customers, that is the reason we only partner with world best manufacturers of industrial and laboratory chemicals, reagents and equipment manufacturers. Some of these manufacturers are displayed below.

Service & Repair

Performing regular service and maintenance on your systems will extend the lifetime and will reduce costly unnecessary downtime. Pinasatel Limited provides a wide range of services and thanks to our experienced engineers and reliable partners, we are able to arrange services in almost any part of the country. Whether you require an emergency service, refit assistance, commissioning, or just some technical advice by phone or email, we will be here to help you. Below you will find an overview of services and repairs provided for each products group and the related serviceable brands.

Our engineering workshop is well equipped to standard, we have the capability to repair, calibrate or overhaul your products in our workshop. Especially when your equipment is out of production, repair might be the only option left to keep your systems running. Maintaining Laboratory equipment is vital because it prolongs the lifespan of the equipment and ensures optimum performance.

Replacement of Laboratory Equipment:
In spite of proper maintenance (servicing/repairs/calibrations), equipment will eventually reach the end of its workable life. In some cases, laboratory equipment requires replacement but other times, especially larger laboratory equipment, you can simply replace parts or perform other repair work. Contact one of our representatives who can assist you with your decision on your replacements.

Calibration Services

PINASATEL Calibrations is one of the activities that PINASATEL offers to its clients.

Below are the laboratory equipment we have the expertise to calibrate.
• Autoclave, • ovens, • incubators, • COD reactor, • metal analyzer • leak tester, • torque tester, • CO2 tester, • COF tester, • Bench top • micro centrifuges, • vortex mixers • Ultrasonic cleaners, • sieve shakers, • microscopes • pH meters, • conductivity meters & electrodes • Weighing balances, • platform scale, • moisture analyzers, • weighbridge. • Dissolution tester, • disintegration tester, • stability/climatic chamber, • frangibility tester • Spectro-photometers, • biosafety cabinet, • fume cupboard, • photometer, • dilutor

Calibration: the basis for quality:
Quality can be defined as "the degree to which a product or service meets the requirements of the customer". In order to determine whether a product meets the customer requirements, measurements are often performed. To ensure that these measurements are reliable, they must be traceable to the results. The only way to ensure traceable results is to use calibrated measurement instruments. It is therefore that many quality systems as the (inter)national standards require that instruments are regularly calibrated, in other words has to be included in a calibration system.

Calibration System : A well-functioning calibration system includes much more than the regular calibration of measuring instruments. In this context PINASATEL Calibrations offers a full range of services for optimum management of your valuable instruments.

Facilities: Calibrations are performed in our  laboratories in Lagos, Nigeria. PINASATEL Calibrations has a fully temperature-and humidity controlled room available. Therefore PINASATEL Calibrations is the laboratory to perform your accredited calibration. The Traceability The reference standards which are used by PINASATEL Calibrations are calibrated periodically by the National Standards Laboratory, which guarantees a direct traceability to the (inter)national standards.

Certificates: The calibration certificates contain an extensive report of the measured results inclusive measuring uncertainty with, where appropriate, illustrations of the measured curves. The total measurement uncertainty of the calibration certificate is firmly set in accordance with the (inter)national standards.

Complete and fast service: It is important that a customer has calibrated measuring equipment at one's disposal at all times. PINASATEL Calibrations can take care of the timely call and schedule of measuring equipment. The turnaround time of calibrations is 3 working days so that you won't have to miss your instruments for a very long time. Also for the transportation of your valuable instruments PINASATEL Calibrations has a solution. If you arrange that the instruments are ready, this may even be without packaging, we ensure safe and insured transportation with our own transport service. If you have more measuring equipment which needs to be calibrated regularly we offer interesting terms.

These are based on a calibration agreement, for example discount scales on our calibration rates. For more information about the services of PINASATEL Calibrations please fill out our contact form below

Scale Calibration

Freezer /Stability Chamber

Oven Calibration

Weight Calibration

In order to maintain traceability and accuracy, weights should be calibrated periodically by a mass lab with direct NIST traceability. Our weight calibration services are traceable to NIST and give you the confidence and documentation required to assist you in the use of your balance precision weights. Turnaround time for weight calibrations is a real world five to seven working days, or more immediate turnaround times may be scheduled in advance.

Oven Calibration

Proper oven calibration is essential to consistency and quality control in a wide range of industries, and if you fail to properly calibrate oven temperature, you run the risk of improper curing, incomplete drying, and a costly waste of energy. Even a minor adjustment in temperature can compromise the integrity of your product, so it’s important to stick to a regular oven calibration schedule.

PINASATEL temperature calibration capabilities include industrial oven calibration services, offering top-notch precision and expert attention to detail no matter what type of oven your business relies upon.

Freezer / Stability Chamber Calibration

Calibration Services with industry-leading accuracy to ensure products, processes, and research procedures are maintained to exacting requirements. PINASATEL can bring our world-class temperature calibration expertise to your company facilities. We provide freezer calibrations and custom cold-storage temperature mapping protocols for biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing and industrial applications.

Our highly skilled technicians calibrate all types of research and industrial freezers or refrigerators in most every configuration. We can assist you in quality compliance and in meeting governmental regulations that demand accuracy of all freezers that affect product or sample quality. PINASATEL accredited refrigerator-freezer calibration procedures are designed by metrology experts to the highest standards of accuracy.

Digital Scale Calibration

Industrial Scale Calibration and Balance Calibration services will let you know if your equipment is reporting precise measures and weights when in use. Calibration compares the output of the equipment against a standard value. Scales and balances need to be calibrated at regular intervals to ensure that they will continue to provide accurate readings over time.

PINASATELhas the technical expertise and equipment to provide balance and scale calibration services. Service is provided for industrial and lab equipment, and for mechanical and digital models. PINASATELis which has been in business since 2017 providing clients with fast, reliable inspection and test results. Calibration services are Weight and Measure accredited and results are NIST traceable.

Industrial Services

We have the expertise to install, service and calibrate Metal Detector Machines, In-Line X-Ray inspection machines, Flow meters and Weighbridges

Our Partners

Pinasatel Limited represents some of the world leading manufacturers of laboratory and industrial equipment. Our engineers and technicians are well trained to provide technical services on all products. Our engineers undergo training courses from the manufacturers covering the technology, products, calibration and servicing of instruments and equipment. Pinasatel Limited prides itself in offering a friendly and rapid-response technical advisory service to customers, which extends to sample testing.