Established in 2017, Pinasatel Limited filled a gap in the independent chemical and equipment distribution sector. Since then, our growth and development have been underpinned by our desire to become a leader in our chosen field.. We invite you to leverage on our experience to record great achievements in your business activities. One Stop Shop for Laboratory Supplies and Engineering Services.

Operationally, our success is based on our ability to supply you what you need, and when you need it. Our aim is to eliminate complexities, concerns and pressure to deliver a continuous and sustainable service As an independent company Pinasatel Limited provides a higher level of customer care.

We build trust through putting our customers first, problem solving, meeting needs and ensuring we add value to your business. This is central to the value we strive to deliver. As a result, we proactively scan multiple commercial factors around chemical and equipment supply so you don't need to.
Whether it is for special requests, for your everyday requirements or as a full-service, full-spectrum laboratory supplies - we give you the support you need! With dedicated, customized advice, well-organized processes, smooth workflows and rapid delivery - generally on the next working day - we ensure that you are able to focus entirely on your own ideas. Our confidence to deliver success irrespective of the challenges you are having is backed with over 15 years of commutative experience in providing sales and support services to various industries in Nigeria. The products we offer are ranked among the best in the industry, because we only partner with the world best manufacturers of industrial and laboratory chemicals, equipment, glassware and consumables require in the production and laboratory section of any industry and Quality Control laboratories.
Our Mission
Provide exceptional services to various organization, through excellent customer care, unmatched product knowledge, unbiased product offering, superior quality, and principle-based commitment to our clients success.
Our Core Values
Focused Commitment Quality Professionalism Integrity Faith Knowledgeable Innovative Solutions .
Quality Policy
We assisting in the selection of proper chemicals, application methods, technology and supplying equipment that meet the expectations of the end – users; researchers, scientists, technicians that are saddled with the responsibilities of performing daily or routine analysis of raw materials or finished products; conducting tests and R&D.